All they needed was a keet ladder

Last night when Galahad and the keets went to bed in the greenhouse, there was a lot of noise, and G was running laps around the greenhouse like he wanted out.   He settled down, but I felt he was distressed, and maybe frustrated with sleeping on the ground.

Tonight after bedtime, I thought the greenhouse was remarkably quiet.  I peeked…and just about died!   In case it’s unclear what you’re seeing, that is one keet perched on Galahad’s back, yes, and all the keets lined up on the (swinging) perching rail, at 6′ in the greenhouse.  They are all very content.This is how they got up there.  I gave them a laundry rack last night (I’ve offered it before as perching media).  I thought it would be a starter perch, and they could probably hop hop hop up and maybe get on their final destination, the rail (in a day or two).  They wasted no time about it!

4 thoughts on “All they needed was a keet ladder”

  1. ‘Ah…ah….ah…’ – NO! Don’t sneeze Galahad! – ‘…ahCHOO! Oops. Sorry little keet, good thing you can fly a bit.’ ;)

    Never a dull moment at Happy Harvest Farm with all the funny birds.:)

    1. Yes, they were rocking back and forth, because the perch swings, and that one was turning and moving around, but they have impressive balance.

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