identical chicks

Chocolate has two identical chicks, a few days old now.  They’re almost white, but they have a hint of light yellow.  I don’t know what they will turn into.   It’s interesting that she got two alike (two of four eggs).  The chances of that are slim as the breeds are blended, and so are the mix of eggs that I give each hen.  Perhaps they’re leghorns!  (eggs from another chicken keeper)  That would be cool.  So far I have one leghorn cross, but I think he’s a he.

Chocolate and the white chocolates are still in a chickery (newly out of the greenhouse), Foxy and Feisty are past chickeries (but go back in their cardboard boxes at night) and are roaming a little further now.  Three more hens, including Ursa Minor on her second sitting of the year, are “in their confinement”.  Which is a much more appropriate phrase for hens than women, because hens are confined to the nest.A post prandial cuddle pile of tween chickens.

5 thoughts on “identical chicks”

  1. Awww. The twins are sooo cute!!! BTW, for some reason, when I got to your site to read the entire blog, it won’t let me comment. I had the same issue with another blog earlier. Do I need to do something different? Any ideas?

    1. Odd! Do you have to be clicked onto the single post to comment or like? Instead of the whole scroll? Irritating, but I’ve seen that elsewhere too. I don’t have control of every feature.

      1. “Leave a reply”? Not “comment”? Is it working now or are you back to your original method?

      2. You’re right. I didn’t notice. It did say “reply” and not “comment.” I don’t know if it is working now or not. Let me check out today’s post and I’ll see.

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