Young Roos

Oscar and Orlando are buds.

The young roosters are growing up, and they are big!   They’re going to be big boys.  They’ve come almost into their full rooster shape, but still have awkward bits sticking out. Not so cute anymore, although the hens might think so.

Pepper, front left, is a Silkie Barred Rock cross, and that turns out to be an unfortunate combination.  Very funny looking, with strangely green legs.  And he’s a rooster.  He might have to season a pot, before he seasons the gene pool:(The young birds are getting comfortable around the house.  The next generation of house chickens.  Very comfortable.A pile of roosters, and a Puffcheeks, on the porch. They still sound pretty terrible when they practice crowing, and they’re still embarrassed about it.  One of them was hiding under the house, practicing.

Nope, still sounds like a controlled sneeze, buddy.

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