Serious frost

We got a proper frost last night.   I ate a tomato and it had ice crystals in it (unpleasantly cold first thing in the morning), so lots of tomatoes are frozen on the vine in the greenhouse.  I think the cucumber and melon vines are finished too.  The basil is finished. I worked all day yesterday to prepare for the frost, so it wasn’t a surprise, except I thought the basil would be ok.Mom it’s cold! She’s in her full polar bear.Apples is out and about.  She crushed one of her other eggs, a chick in it that was alive until recently, and the one remaining intact is almost certainly chilled to death, but I tucked it in with one of the other moms.  I poked under Brown Bonnet to see if there was a chick still there and she did not reveal, but there was some tiny peeping.  Apples as mom – FAIL.  That’s disappointing, because she’s a big hen- lots of coverage, and super sweet.  But maternally impaired.

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