Second frost

Had a proper frost; ice crust on the water buckets.  This is the right time for frost though, not September 24th! Overnight, one of the Five has become the spitting image of Philippe Petit.  A petit Philippe.I don’t want to believe he’s 100% a rooster yet, but he’s looking awfully leggy.  So many roosters!The young roosters are refining their crows now.  They don’t have to go hide in order to practice.  They’re sounding pretty good.  Silkieland and the Colonel on patrol.  Who’s that big chicken in there?  Ketchup.  She comes and goes, but she definitely thinks she’s a Silkie.  All the other Silkie-raised chickens have found their social place among their own kind, but not Ketchup.  She’s so gentle though, she fits right in.She likes the swing.

Cleopatra has decided she lays her daily egg in the Silkie coop.  She has to fly in and out, which seems like a lot of work, but apparently that’s the spot.  Chickens are funny.

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