Greenhouse freedom

I have to move all the coops in to the greenhouse, and I’m at a bit of loss what to do with all the chicks and mamas that have been at large in the GH for weeks now.  They’re very much enjoying themselves.Somebody’s got a windfall tomato.  Interest is aroused.Now I got the tomato! I got the tomato back! It seems most or all of the non-Silkie chicks don’t really need their moms any more, so they might be willing to go back in Silkieland.  The Silkie chicks are getting slightly more self-sufficient.  Perhaps they could even go in with the other Silkies.   Ursa had a rough day.  I found her with a foot tangled up in the melon trellis, it was wrapped tight around her foot.  Had to cut her loose.   At the other end of the GH the guineas are on their way to bed.  They’ve been keep inside a couple days, and aren’t too complainy about it.  They like the warm.

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