Two coops in

2.5 coops.  Chris and Cream Puff are in too, in their personal size coop. It’s a big mess, the coops are just barely in the door, but I’m going to reorganize a bit, and there are a lot of strings to come down.  Oh, the birds are in heaven.  The scritching, the tomatoes, the dust baths!  They’ve been wanting into the greenhouse all summer.   It’s warm, and they were so happy all day bathing and lounging.No matter how big they are.  HW deadpans “Yeah, that’ll last until about lunchtime.  ‘Let us out of here!'”

There’s work to be done to keep them entertained – an outdoor courtyard, a swimming pool, and some structures.  A hay bale is a good standby.I have long neck!I put the seven infant Silkies into the Silkie coop with their moms.  I figured they would stay with their moms.  I did not figure that they would pour right through the grill and proceed to run all over the greenhouse by themselves, tiny little things, big chicken feet everywhere.  This is what we do!  Their mom was frantic at the fence.  Get back here!  She calmed down in time, they came and went when they wanted a warming, and the Colonel immediately took ownership of the little guys, who stayed out most of the day.  They seemed very confident and happy to play with all the other chickens.Here’s one getting involved with the teenagers dustbathing. Three of them getting up in the dust bathing business.I got a tomato!

There are lots of tomatoes still hanging, tumbling off frequently.  That keeps things interesting. Happy, safe little chickens.  In a week early.  One coop to go!

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