Rain day

The rain is coming DOWN.  The birds are lucky to all be in the big dry chicken dome.  The downpour is deafening in the greenhouse, and the guineas are up high next to the skin.  It must be awful in their little skulls.  Sometimes they yell back at the noise.  They put their heads under their wings though.

The pigs are sausaged in their house, full of pumpkin.  They have a good spot for the house right now – it’s dry – the water is draining away instead of filling up their sleeping divot, and they’ve got their hay “just right”.  They’re funny.  They sleep most of the day when it rains.

The word is out – the feeder is full.  Once you start feeding the birds for the winter, you can’t stop.    The grosbeaks are back.  Their population seems to have done well.  Boy do they make a racket yelling in the poplars.  There are two big brown birds that are new to me also at the feeder.  The chickadees sure don’t stop for rain.

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