#LocktheClock, please!

I HATE time changes!!  I don’t really care for regular time or savings time, for God’s sake let’s pick one and stick to it!  More people agree time changes are garbage than any other issue, so let’s dispense with “War Time”.

Each time change means a week of having half the clocks on the “old time”, to remember when the animals get fed, and doing math, like it or not, all times of day.  Now I feel like going to sleep at 6pm, when there should be three solid hours of work left in the day, and of course I feel like waking up at 3 in the morning, so I can lie there and think about all I have to do, once it gets light!  Hates it!    The sunrise and sunset matter, not the numbers.  Until you have to interact with the world.

Rant over.  Adjustment, not yet.

A porcupine has been at work on this tree.  Like an aerial beaver.It’s very sculptural.

2 thoughts on “#LocktheClock, please!”

  1. [ oops ! Got cut off ! ] Meant to write… sunrise, sunset, and seasons matter, not clocks and calendars! I’ve lost touch with holidays, too, preferring equinoxes and solstices .

  2. I live in the one state where we don’t change time. It’s such a huge relief of stress ! It always took me a good month to adjust to the time change . I agree with you : su

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