I also have worms

Worms are among the lifeforms that depend on me to feed them around here, and to fluff up their bedding.

This bin is very full, and has just been fluffed with new absorbent paper shreddings.  I think it looks like a pasta salad.  Of course, that’s where vermicelli comes from (the word, not the pasta).

Lots of food, good moisture levels; these worms are happy.  HW:  “What exactly does an unhappy worm look like?”

Funny you should ask.  I know the answer to that now.

Things they don’t tell you when encouraging new vermiculture enthusiasts:  a hungry worm will try to escape.  They climb the walls of the tub, and they can find a way to get out.  And they do.  Greener pastures here I come. I’m going to make my way in the world.  Hear me roar.

So keep them fed.  If the worms are climbing the walls- they’re not happy worms.  Now I know.  Plenty of food – no climbing.  All you see are rapidly retracting tails when you lift the lid.


2 thoughts on “I also have worms”

    1. They are producing worm castings to fertilize the garden. Not to feed the birds. Meal worms are for feeding to chickens, but I don’t have any of those yet.

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