forecast: slush

Yesterday we had a beautiful snow.The kind where the flakes pile up in delicate balance like they’re weightless.Right this minute, it’s snowing and raining at the same time.  Ugly!  It’s “supposed” to just rain, and wash away all this snow, but instead, it’s precipitating slush.Inside, it’s tropical, the little birds are growing up, four Silkie hens are insisting that they are broody, and I’m insisting that they’re not allowed to be.  Everyone needs some entertainment, so I have to get in there and build and shuffle stuff. Another Silkie cross.  Hair that won’t lie down, hobbit feet – a bad break when you’re a teenager.  They are quite unfortunate looking when they’re in the middle stages, but they turn out quite handsomely, depending on who they’re crossed with.  I have three crosses now.

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