Cheeks is a cutie

Her foot is still hot and swollen and she’s not keen on using it, so I hope she recovers.She’s dozing after her meal.  Now she asks to go back into her box when she’s done eating and preening.  She knows the routine. Birds’ lids close upwards. There’s the fattest squirrel: We mock this squirrel because he’s so fat, his little hands don’t meet in the middle over his belly.  He’s doing very well.  He’s thriving on sunflower seeds, or something.  He recently made an appearance, after a long time seeing no squirrels.  He seems to be living in the woodshed, pictured on his front vantage porch, but the local weasel also lives in the woodshed, poking a fearless little face out at me sometimes when I remove wood.  The little fat man is expected to lose to the weasel at some point, if his weight makes him too slow.  In the meantime, they seem to coexist in the same habitat (our woodpile).  How do these arrangements work?

4 thoughts on “Cheeks is a cutie”

  1. LOL to cathytea’s comment:)
    I’ve never seen a fat squirrel until ‘yours’. Wonder if it could be expecting a batch of little squirrels to help outnumber that weasel.

    1. I didn’t even consider that it was a PREGNANT she! Now I feel judgey. That would be a likely explanation, but I didn’t think they did that so late in the year.

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