Puffcheeks’ genes are showing

The Pufflings are getting their venerable cheeks and beards now they are almost completely mature.  Oh, this was funny.  Chickens like caves and tunnels, to hide or escape from other chickens, if only temporarily.  This is Chris and C.P’s coop, elevated to make a tunnel, and the (teenage) chicks love hiding under it.

I brought in a bunch of kale for the birds, and one of the chicks grabbed a big clump of leaves and pulled it under here.  Other chicks tugged on it but couldn’t get it away as chick 1 was standing on it.  Planning to break it up some to share the enjoyment more widely, I pulled the frond of  kale away, but the chick didn’t see me do it, and angrily pecked the chick standing next to it, who squealed indignantly It wasn’t me! It was a fresh layer of hay day in Silkieland, and all the birds piled in for a lie-in.  Cleopatra has all but moved in too.  She spends most of a day in with the Silkies, but still sleeps in Bravo coop.  She needs her jacket off, but she’s very hard to grab.  She and Ketchup are the only ones tolerated in Silkieland.  When a teen or a guinea “falls in” by accident, it’s clearly a mistake they’re never going to make again.Usually it’s the five little chicks that snuggle up under the coop ramp, but today it was the place to be.


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