Oh great, it’s time to move blog platforms again

I’ve been blogging here at WordPress for nine and half years, and I was perfectly delighted with it for eight and a half.  I’ve never had so many problems as I did this year.  Coincidentally, this year is also the first time I’ve paid for the top tier account, for extra storage (nine years of images, yo), and to keep my blog free of annoying ads. 

To hell with that.  It’s usually easier to just stick with what you know than do time consuming research and transition, but I’m not thrilled about paying for the suck.  I switched from Blogger in the oughts, it’s time to move again, although there’s some time before my subscription renews.  WordPress fail.  Research ahead. 

In the meantime, chickens.

Puffling is storking.  The Pufflings are laying eggs – green ones!  They are blue egg layers crossed with brown egg layers, and their eggs are almost olive.  I inadvertently created bearded olive eggers.

The Brahmas are giant bird pillows.  So laid back.


Until they’re not.  JK.  She’s yawning.

Guinea falling asleep.
Am not!

7 thoughts on “Oh great, it’s time to move blog platforms again”

  1. Your birds are beautiful and imagine green eggs too.
    The WP is pestering me every week for some time to upgrade. And the costs involved to do so have really gone up! I’ve been here for ten and will look forward to what you find out and where you end up.

    Love your blog!

  2. I like free WordPress a lot. I just use additional wordpress blogs to store my pictures. We can have nearly unlimited WP blogs, so I use some to host the pics, and then just use the code to display them in the main blog .

      1. It’s quite easy! Just create a separate free WordPress account. I have one for mostly text-based stories, so I don’t use any of the memory there. Then. I add my images to the media library of that blog. When I need to add an image in my main blog, I go to the media storage blog, insert the image into a dummy post (just a draft post that I’ll never publish), and then I’ll go to the HTML view for that draft and copy the code for the image. In the post on my main blog, I’ll switch to the HTML view and paste the code where I want the image. Viola! It’s a bit trickier with the new editor, but with the classic editor it works like a charm! I’ve got over 1300 posts on my main blog, all loaded with images, and since I store the images in my other free WordPress blogs, I’ll never run out of space on my main one. It’s a beautiful solution, and much better than what some of my friends do, which is store the images in Imgur or something, which can change terms of agreement at any time (and then break all the links to the images…) Please ask if my instructions aren’t clear.

      2. Quite clear, Cathytea. It will be a learning curve for me, but I am willing to work through the process. I am nearing the end of my allotment of photo storage! Thank you.

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