not good very bad

My computer stopped working today in a way that seems forboding-ly final.  It won’t turn on and won’t charge.  No warning signs.  The current suspicion is that some snow got into it.

I’m already emotionally recovering.  The blow is that my computer is my work, and there was quite a lot of data only on that computer.  Now it is currently inaccessible in a deadline week, and I’m not exactly embracing having to re-record half of a book the week before Christmas!

Earlier this week I lost a couple months of photographs in a half second’s bad decision.  Format?  Yes.  NO!  I mean-  ah shit.
Now I only have the pictures I put on here! 

It could always be worse.  I lost loads of pictures of Cheeks, but I did not lose Cheeks.   It could have been three books, but it’s only half of one.  I have the software I need on HW’s computer; I can get by.  Technology can be disappointing.

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  1. Yes. Technology can be disappointing. My computer/laptop has been trying to die on me for about 2 years. It has some sort of weird start up program that is causing issues. It has started to have issues at times that it never has before. So, I’m thinking I need to save all of my information on an external drive, just in case, and start seriously looking for a replacement. I just haven’t had time to do these things yet. Sorry about the lost pictures. That would be the worst. Glad you are already recovering and have a good attitude about it. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Don’t wait! With the ease of technology, we can now lose 100s or 1000s of photos, records, and correspondence in the blink of an eye, that once would have taken a house fire to accomplish.

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