Next I would like to try poached

Cheeks’ condition is about the same.  She seems quite well, other than her foot, which she only sometimes uses.  HW is starting to accuse her of just milking it.

Cheeks gets a fried egg.

Soon I will move the web address so that lands on my new blog location(instead of this one); this site will stay open with shorter posts, links to the longform, and all the archives:)

2 thoughts on “Next I would like to try poached”

  1. I’m glad she is doing so well. I have a question. I read the full post on your other site, but was not able to comment on there. Do I have to get an account there in order to comment?

    1. That may well be true; I’m getting used to it as well. It’s the future, blockchain based media. I will keep this one active! It’s just too easy when we’re WP users.

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