When all the snow melts and you’re the wrong colour

I feel conspicuous.

Low profile, low profile
I’ll just make a run for it

The weasel has on his snow white suit and is caught out in the melt. The house chicken was the first to spot him through the window.   Laser focused.  High alert!

He’s very prominent, dashing around, but is as perky and bouncy as ever. It’s hard to keep a weasel down. He was bounding between piles of sticks, under the house, into the woodshed.

Weasels are super cute, until they have the blood of your chickens dripping from their fangs. I haven’t had any chicken deaths due to weasel for four years, because all the chickens get secured in their coops at night. We are co-existing with this known weasel, and possibly another (or maybe the same one) by the greenhouse for almost a year now, and I am grateful for his rodent-reducing services.

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