I think I’m back?

I can’t explain what happened.  After an unbroken year of daily blog posting and many more of intermittency, I fully intended to keep going, more steam than ever, and then – I just stopped.

I was going through some health stuff that sapped my energy.  I was taking some winter time for “emotional restructuring” (aka, being lazy and self-indulgent).  I really, really didn’t feel like there was anything to say.  What “content” really needs to be added to the vastness of the internet now?  I thought I would make the switch away from WordPress, but there’s work involved in that.

Cute, cool things keep happening.  I have ideas.  I’ve been taking pictures.  Just…not posting.

But perhaps…I’m back.  I missed you guys:)

4 thoughts on “Hello?”

  1. I missed you, too! But the cool thing about breaks, is that we’re here when you return! On my blog, I posted over 1200 posts in four years–you can bet I’m taking a slow-down now! And it feels great! Hope your slow-down feels good for you, too! Hi to Cheeks, Apples, and all the others!

    1. WOW! That’s a big number. I just passed my 1000th post somewhere in the last couple years. I miss that feature where WP announces “you’ve posted your X post”.

  2. That would be wonderful! Your honest, fun, from the heart blog posts have been missed. We’ll take every day or once in a blue moon as long as you share your special perspective when you’re up to it so we can be inspired and know you’re still plugging along. Hugs.

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