May Day resolutions – So much has happened in April (a three season month), and I took bunches of pictures, but I wasn’t posting much.  I’m going to make a stab at catching up with all the fun happens this month (although events may have occurred earlier than they appear).

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  1. Really miss your blog, Selka. I hope you are okay and that your life on the farm continues to make you happy. You had set quite a rigorous regimen of writing for yourself but even a couple of times a month would be welcomed by me and, I’m sure, by many others.
    Happy gardening—if the rain ever stops!

    1. Thank you for commenting! I will be back. I was busy- it’s been a crazy month (and a rainy one)for me, but many cute chicken things have happened, and I have pictures! I’m having technical struggles with the blog at the moment that WP is hopefully going to fix soon, but I do plan to renew for another year despite my frustrations. Thank you for reminding me that people are still watching and waiting for my return:)

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