Leaf day!

I’ve been bringing home bags of leaves that other people set out at the end of their driveways, for mulch and for chicken comfort.

The Silkies are especially crazy about leaves.  A big bag of leaves dumped in their zone makes them all go completely silent.  Except for the skush, skush of leaves being kicked around by dozens of little feet.

They tackle a new leaf pile like it’s a job.

It’s been so wet and rainy I’ve given them lots of leaves for them to keep their feet dry.  They crumble up all and leaves which become part of the muddy dirt quite rapidly, so new leaves are a treat.

Their (formerly adequate, before population explosion) tractor is now open for them to come and go into a very large fenced area.  Some enjoy the pine tree, some scratching in the far corner, and some like to stay inside the box, or perch on the swing.  They have preferences.  But on leaf day, they congregate.There’s this whole big yard, proscribed by the orange fence in the far background, but they’re ALL inside the box, because LEAVES!!!

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