What’s left of Dorian is about to hit us here.  I don’t think the forecast is very catastrophic at all, but everything is cancelled and dire warnings abound. Quite a lot of rain for one day, but we’ve had it before.  I definitely expect that power will be knocked out everywhere; that happens with any stiff breeze.   Perhaps the internet will go.


Velvet and Ghost and the chicks are all in the greenhouse, where I’m sure they’ll have the time of their lives today eating the first foot of tomatoes and pruning the pepper plants.  I put them in for the last rain too, to save their moms from having to be living rain shelters.

Last time was a godawful rodeo when one of the chicks escaped capture and it was too  loud with the pounding rain for them to hear each other, and that one chick was an unbelievable escape artist sprite.  Today I caught the moms and stuck them inside, where they clucked and clucked,  then herded the cheeping panicked chicks in the right direction until they made contact and the chicks all just popped through the snow fence door.  All is well in there.

The retirees have a tarp tent, as do the Silkies, and the general hens and guineas will all be crowded into the pig house.  They rack up on the laundry rack, as it’s driest on the top tiers near the peak.  As long as the wind doesn’t get strong enough to flip over the house.  That happened once, with the pigs inside (pigs scrammed into woods stat).

We shall see.  I’m not too worried.

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