A quick catch-up – the birds are all sleeping in the greenhouse now, so if I need to leave I can secure them in there and take off with my mind at ease.  I’m drunk on the new freedom and am doing that quite a bit.

When I’m home, they are released and I watch over them (there have been no losses since I went full sentinel), but they gravitate back into the warm greenhouse.  They LOOOOVE the greenhouse for about two months, or half of winter.  Then they start to get bored and demanding.

Egg production is suddenly and precipitously down, after an egg boom in October, even though the weather is lovely.  They don’t seem to like disruption.  Cheeks and Ketchup are both offline and molting, just when everyone else has finally leafed out again for wintertime.  Velvet is gorgeous and Cleopatra is feathered again.

Only one set of chicks is still being parented, and I’ve got some good stories about them.  About seven Silkies are still trying to sit on eggs, even though most of them never have an egg to sit on, it just looks like the thing to do, I guess.

I harvested a small amount of honey, and the bees are mopping up the drawn frames in the warm afternoons.  I haven’t got my garlic in or the garden put to bed (ha!).

I’m cleaning and gathering, doing some of the fall things, although still flat out working.  This Christmas will be lean!

As much as I enjoy Fall Back, Daylight Savings Time is dumb!  Just leave it one time all year like sensible regions do!

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