Coops out

So tired… but I had to bring the coops out of greenhouse in order to plant in there (only three weeks late).  It has to be done.

The coops in and coops out days are benchmarks of the season.  The beginning of summer, and the beginning of winter.  Important, marker days.  Like spring cleaning, the GH gets everything pulled out of it and then transformed, in purpose and appearance.

It’s much easier to shift the coops now that I’ve rick-shawed them.  There’s just a bit of awkwardness getting them over the threshold of the GH.

For some reason all the birds decided to sleep in the big coop (why?) on moving night, and the big coop is much heavier starting empty.  So I shifted the four biggest birds to the small coop by hand.

The guineas weren’t able to roost in peace with me moving all the furniture at dusk, so they all went to bed on the rails of the Silkie coop in the Silkie greenhouse, which was novel, adorable, and really smart.  It was a good roost B.  Maybe I’ll get them to sleep in there all summer.


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