Rules, Adages, or Guidelines for Happiness

If a system doesn’t function, change the system. My husband gives me fantastic feedback on whether a system works (like, where things belong). If it works, he puts things back where they “go”, because that’s the easiest, obvious place to put them. If the system doesn’t work, he finds someplace else to drop them that displeases me, and I know my so-clever system isn’t functional and needs to be adapted.

One week in:

This little journal reminds me now of the 92 year old woman who dropped a pile of day planners like this on my desk and blithely told me she’d kept a journal every day for her whole life. “Well, not when I was very small”. Each little inch was filled with her tiny handwriting about coffee dates, projects, feelings, moods, successes- everything. An inch can be enough to summarize the main events of a day.

Never was a list so serious

In a spectacular example of the wrong approach, I started the day with cookies, didn’t drink water, and spent nearly a day creating the list of my model Happiness plan. The irony was not lost on me, as I flouted early entries ON the list, like hydrate; wrestled with text in a handwriting font when I could have written it by hand faster; and spent energy on an accessory, at best- creating a list instead of taking actions that were on the list.

100 books

I’ve joined Goodreads (finally) and since that does such a good job of curating my book lists, I’m going to give up maintaining this page, where I used to track my titles read towards the goal of 100 books/year. It’s all on Goodreads now – Reading, Reviews, and my 100 book challenge: 2018 Reading Challenge … Continue reading 100 books