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I set all my houseplants out on the “patio” in the rain for a good washing. They are dusty and due for a spring cleaning.

Rosemary, aloe, goldfish plant, and jade plant, in pots, set on wooden deck with wood railing behind

And then there’s my Big Mama Aloe. I didn’t know that an aloe could get so large. I don’t even remember where I got her as a baby, just that she was an unremarkable size, and she’s grown to resemble a pineapple plant.

Large aloe vera plant in white ceramic pot on wooden deck in front of red door.  Rubber boots and wheelbarrow in background

She’s so large, and so heavy, that moving her is quite a maneuver. I have to squat with good form, and go through doors backwards, supporting the substantial weight of her body/limbs.

She’s a wonder. She’s been producing babies for years, which I repot and foist on anyone who will take one. Most visitors have been talked into leaving with an aloe, so her offspring are all over the area. I did well giving away aloes this summer, and the only one of her “daughters” I still have (first photo) is now making her own babies! I’ll be overrun!

Clearly, they really like the environment they’re in. This one sits on the floor in front of the window next to the wood stove, and I water all my house plants, and window boxes, with the water I’ve used for washing eggs. That’s all; evidently it agrees with them.

Yellow tape measure and green tip of an aloe vera branch showing 48.5 inches

It seemed like her arms were as long as mine, so I measured. Not far off. Her wingspan is four feet and mine is 66”, so about the same, not counting my hands.

Small, light green aloe vera shoots growing in white pot between thicker spiny aloe branches of parent plant

More babies! High time to transplant them.
Who wants an aloe plant?!

Cheeks the stork

Cheeks is doing much better than when this photo was taken a few days ago, and that aloe in the background is doing much worse.

She’s done quite a bit of standing on both feet today, which is an improvement.

She really likes to roost on the edge of the box when she’s done eating. She spends a lot of the day there, watching us come and go. She doesn’t miss anything, and I can tell when she wants to go in her banana box for a nap.

It’s neat how much like a cat the house chicken is these days. Quiet, unobtrusive, just there. Only difference is that she doesn’t come and climb into your lap when you sit down. Once placed there though, she’s happy to stay for hours.

Today I put some oatmeal in her dish, but it was hot, so I went upstairs. She was in her box, and I was going to lift her out to her Rubbermaid in a minute when I came back down. This is post-breakfast, mind you, but there was a sound – “Did she just jump out of her box?” Yes, yes she did. She’d seen me do something with her dish and couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

From outside the window.

She’s been demolishing that aloe. Three arms are missing now, and she’s started on a fourth, plus the other plant. It’s good for her, I’m sure, it’s just wild that she’s consuming so much of it!

I feel like some aloe today

Summat wrong with that?

Says Cheeks.

She took a whole arm off of this plant (right), and a couple of beak shaped bites out of another arm.

The evidence at her feet.

Then she took the tip off another plant.  She really ate quite a lot of it, despite the bits she left behind.  Apparently, today she just wanted some aloe.  It’s good for her.  No one else is eating it (I’ve tried, I find it bitter).

Dozing now, after breakfast and making a big mess

This is the box she stands on, to eat, and just to hang out for a lot of the day.  Easy to clean:)  The aloe just seemed like part of the buffet.