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One year. 100 books. Check.

I did it.  100 books in one year.

Not only that, I was done early at 10 months and a couple days.

I first tried to hit the hundred book in 12 months mark starting in 2009, and never managed it, til now (?!).

I cannot fathom how I was able to do it this year, of all years, after moving across the country, starting a garden, building a shop, a place to live, a greenhouse, working, and all else that went on our first 10 months off-grid in Nova Scotia.  I still can’t see how this could have been the year.  My best guess is that my health was not the greatest this year, and down time means, usually, I can still read.

So to recap the best of the books I (randomly) chose to read in my year:

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