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Accidental soda

After epic peach canning day, I was reluctant to waste the remaining water that I boiled the peaches in, with sugar and citric acid in it too.

2015-09-08 19.34.45

So I combined it with the kombucha batch I had ready to go.  It happened to be a ginger infusion.  Voila, peach-ginger kombucha.  And wow, was it good.   As usual, I bottled it in the twist-off capped pop bottles I normally reuse.  During the stay in the bottle, the kombucha carbonates while the yeast does a little more work.

Sure, I was adding some sugary fruit juice to my kombucha, but my kombucha was a little overready, which often means that the yeast has had a die-off once the available sugar has been consumed.

But no, the yeast was alive and well, feasting on the sugars of the peach juice and carbonating like crazy.

I’m just after discovering how easy it is to make soda from the delicious and exciting book True Brews.  Amazingly, shockingly, easy (just add yeast).

And here I was, doing it, as I discovered.

My first clue was the bottle that burst.  I heard it – bang- followed by an ominous dripping sound.  Luckily I was home to hear it, and ferreted out the cause.  The lid had blown off, chipping the rim of the bottle.

My second clue was the second bottle that burst.  In the meantime, HW’d moved all the potentially exploding bottles outside, in case more exploded, but I hadn’t gotten to decanting the pressurized bottles yet.  The base of the second exploder sheared off neatly.

The book clearly warns to not put soda into glass bottles except upon serving, for aesthetics, because of exactly this.  The pressure builds fast, and becomes great.

I decanted the surviving bottles into a couple 2l pop bottles, which are built to survive pressure.

Peach soda!  So good!  See, one bottle’s already almost gone.