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Rain relief

The heat wave finally expired in a thunderstorm, as they often do.  After so many days sticky and gross, I decided to go out in the downpour in near swimwear and plastic shoes and just get drenched with the rest of the hot thirsty world. I had to move lots of water, as I always do when it rains, to make sure not to waste a drop that the roofs are catching, and shuttling water in a rubber suit to stay “dry” underneath was not appealing.

It was as glorious as I imagined!  I was even a little cold at first.  It’s good to be reminded of the true function of eyebrows.  They divert water from your forehead around your eyes.

The only thing lacking was listening to something; electronics don’t mix with water like that. No pictures either for the same reason, but I had to risk it for this: The hens were not as enthusiastic about a good drenching, and utilized the heck out of their hen tents.  They love their hen tents.   Perchick and her chicks were running around in the rain at first, the chicks shaking off like dogs, and then I didn’t see them for awhile.  I worried they were in a cold wet huddle somewhere, so I went looking, and found six of them in the coop!  The  coop they learned to use only the night before.  Quick studies.  The seventh was with mom:) They’re at peak cute, with their fuzzy little heads but feathered bodies, long legs.  Full of personality chickenality.  Well, I guess peak cute lasts a while.

The tomatoes are taking off now, the eggplants are coming, the cucumbers have decided to start growing after putting growth on hold completely for a solid month, even the melons are experimenting with a few new leaves – seems like there will be a crop of some kind after all.