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I found a little trail of chicken feed on the floor in the middle of the house, and HW told me he’d left it there as an exhibit.

He’d come in, and found a chipmunk in the middle of the room. It had been robbing chicken feed from the bucket (we bring it inside to add scraps during the day).

Busted!  The chipmunk froze, its mouth literally fell open with shock and terror, and then the feed stuffed in its cheeks came pouring out as it raced for the door (it had to pass HW – the drawbacks of raiding a joint with only one exit).

The little trail of grain told the story – a slight zigzag and panicked “drop everything!”, race around the door.  He said it was too cute to even be mad at.  Welcome to the woods.


We have a gate on our driveway.  Our driveway passes right through the ancient orchard, and apples drop all over the roadway.  One big branch arches over the road laden with lots of apples, but tiny ones- small because of the drought.

We drive through the gate almost every day.  Almost every day these days, the gate is decorated.20160913_085943

There’s a chipmunk that thinks the gate is the best snack spot ever, and he leaves multiple partially chewed apples balancing on the edge of the boards that make the swinging gate, or on top of the post that anchors it.

Even funnier, there will be an apple with some chews, then later less of the same apple, still later mostly an apple core, balanced in the same spot.

Sometimes, we even drive up and see the chipmunk hugging his apple on his perch.  Eeep!  He leaves his apple behind, rocking like a nicked bowling pin,  and darts away, tail straight up.

Other chipmunks in our life


Strawberry snack

Going back to strawberry season….

I’ve got a chipmunk helping him/herself in the strawberry beds.

Every so often I hear a surprised “Eeep!” when I’m working in the garden, but I rarely see the culprit.

However, I see the meal interrupted on his table, which is the cutest part.

She is carrying the strawberries from the bed up onto this old chair, and enjoying a strawberry supper with a view.


He’s picking the strawberries at the stem.  I knew I’d seen a few berries that appeared picked, which I thought odd, but I guess I interrupted the picker before she’d carried them away.

This is so cute, he’s allowed to keep it up.