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The rain in Spain is totally insane

It has rained hard and steady for ten hours straight and isn’t done.  There is more standing water than dry land right now.  The chickens were all wading over their ankles, and the chicks in water up to their feather pants.

The rain gauge was over 120mm when I last checked.  That is insane!   The chickens spent the day in their coops and rain house; I didn’t even open them for eggs and risk letting the rain in.  The littlest chicks and mom got a greenhouse pass and probably had the best day of all plundering, although by evening they were up on a strawbale like a raft.  Some hens were camped in the rain house at night because they didn’t want to make the run to the coop at bedtime.  It’s raining that hard.

The guineas, when I went to let them into the GH for the night (extra early) were waiting by the door, soaked to the skin.  I feel soooo bad for the three missing hens, whom I assume are all sitting on eggs in the woods somewhere – exposed in this, soaked, days or weeks into a fast, and making their bodies into heating pads.  Some must be sitting in puddles right now.

We also had an epic thunderstorm.  It hurt my ears inside the house, and it (the sound– no wind at all) shook the house and made my pots rattle.  I felt the fear of Thor’s hammer.  It passed directly over, moved to six seconds away, and then it returned a half/hour later and passed right back over like it was going back where it came from!

This quantity of rainfall is pretty out of the ordinary, especially for (the entire month of) June.

Cold hiatus

We had snow and cold for several days – -10C cold, and it seems like that’s here a little early.  It’s the kind of cold that you’re not ready for:  don’t have the right coats or sweaters at hand, can’t find the good socks, and it feels horribly bitter and assaulting, even though I know I’ve laughed at much much colder numbers.  You get used to the cold, preferably incrementally, when winter eases in its arrival.

Two years ago today I was pulling carrots. This week I’m wrapping blankets around my beehives to dull the shock of the sudden drop.  It’s “supposed” to warm up again; I was going to give it another week to winterize them.  Hope that’s not a mistake.

Today the cold abated, some of the snow melted, and the bees were actually out of the hives.  Several dead ones outside of Sunflower hive.  The birds are here in droves, already dependent, already the Grosbeaks show up at 7:10 and if the seeds aren’t on the ground, they let me know.  What’s nice about snow is being able to see tracks.  Loads of little hopping bird feet, their tracks as delicate as threads; squirrels sometimes brooming the snow with their tails; concerning cat prints; and rabbit prints, in multiple sizes, which is nice, because it’s been weeks since I saw a rabbit (I saw a big blimp of one today, well fed).

I realized recently that instead of a non-notable rabbit sighting at least every day, I hadn’t seen any rabbits for some time before the bobcat turned up.  I thought he had wiped them out.  But the tracks say there have been a few survivors.  Mostly little feet.  The fattest squirrel.  I’m pretty sure he lives in the fire wood.