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You know what’s great about a small town?  Having big fish opportunities.

Sure, the deputy asked if I was interested a couple months ago, but I’d all but forgotten about the Volunteer Fire Department until he walked across the paddock to where I was tilling the pond and told me “Yeah, tonight, 7pm, show up.”

A few hours later, I was in the head-to-toe yellow fireproof “turn-out gear”, riding the engine and learning to link hoses to hydrants, all the while on the inside going “I can’t believe this is happening!  I can’t believe this is happening!”  What an extraordinary opening, due to luck and chance and cool connections and the fact that this tiny town just doesn’t have enough volunteers clamoring to fill the 10# rubber boots.

WOW!  Overwhelmed by feeling of good fortune and opportunity.  So excited.  Things I never thought I’d be:  Structural Firefighter.

On to something I have always wanted to do: work in a library.  The first time I entered the small, limited-hours local library, I got my new library card and got straight to the point: “Need any more staff?”  Of course they do.  It’s a volunteer-run library, although linked to the BC inter-library network and very respectable.  Calloo, callay!  I start Tuesday!

Ah, life is GOOD.  I love my life.  How do these things just happen, so easily?  I love dreams coming true.

HHing history is made!

Had a rather magical hitchhike into Calgary from Banff.  That could easily be a one-ride trip, but this time, there were several short jaunts and I got dropped off in odd places.  Rides were ultra-fast, as I’m spoiled to expect, more than once first-car-by, and I had the familiar knowing when I see a vehicle in the distance that it will be the one to pick me up.

For the first time, I was picked up by someone who had picked me up once before!  I’m not counting neighbours or ski hill roads- mountain regulars are the same as neighbours.  In this case, in another province, several months apart, the same woman gives me a ride.  Never happened before.

I was pretty excited about this.  In all my hitchhiking career, I’ve oft thought it remarkable that it didn’t happen, Continue reading HHing history is made!