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Winter is knocking

The feeder’s been loaded for two hours, and four chickadees are here, scrapping for primacy.It’s another frozen day, so while it seems a little early,  I’m starting to feed them.  It’s nice to see the chickadees again.  They keep to themselves all summer, but clearly, they keep an eye on me.The Family has a new spot to lounge.  I’ve been clearing buckthorn, and they love it.  They want to hang out in this alder, fine.Time for a relaxed groom.

The water was frozen in Silkieland.  This is what happened when I broke it. We were thirsty! She’s got a corn cob!  And a jean jacket.

no-kill windows

I tried something new to protect the birds from the windows.  I used to have gift wrap ribbon dangling and fluttering – it works well, but not 100%.  One or two birds still struck the windows every year, and that’s a sickening thump I could live with never hearing again.

So I raised my game.   I stretched black nylon bird netting over our windows, on little posts to hold it away from the surface.  I think there’s enough tension on it that even if a bird flies full speed and direct into the window, its momentum will be absorbed before it hits the glass, enough to save it from injury.

More likely the birds will see it readily and the spring rebound will not be tested.

I’m waiting for the chickadees to come stand on my posts to eat their seeds.It’s not a Better Homes and Gardens look.  Not many things are around here.  HW was not impressed.  “What if I did something like that?  Stuck pieces of wood and baling twine all over the house?  I’d be in so much trouble!”  I disagree.

From the inside, it looks like security glass.  The mesh is subtle, but definitely visible.  However, if it prevents wild bird death:  totally worth it.

It’s cool that I can recognize individual birds returning to the feeder now.  The Nuthatch is back, with an offspring and I strongly suspect that it is the Nuthatchling that we met in the summer!  It took me a bit, but I remembered that last year the Nuthatch had a long and steep learning curve using the feeder.  Man, she was bad at it!  But this nuthatch came in like a pro and did some demonstrations, so definitely the same little bird. Watch and learn, youngster.