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Moving the Oinkers

The first thing you´ll notice is how they´ve grown!  The pigs got BIG, just like that.  Just, one day, they couldn´t be called pig-lets anymore.

They still enjoy a good sprint, they´re just…big.  Growing fast.

We´ve been shifting them along with their sheep/chicken fence.

It´s very gratifying to see them start rummaging joyously in whatever´s new and green.  It won´t be green for long.

It was hot day, so I couldn´t cut them off from their latest wallow.  I put a loop in the fence to contain their latest dig.  We´ll just have to accept that they´re going to dig a crater at every stop.

This one is quite large.  Quite deep.  Almost square.  The perfect size for one pig.

A little bit awkward to climb out of.

Until another pig comes along.


Can I get in there now?

Surprisingly, they both kind of fit.

This is just before they had a big fight, one with no winner, that looked like two water balloons trying to escape from a taco shell.  There isn´t room to wrestle in the wallow.

On the other side of the fence, the chickens wasted no time moving  in where the pigs had been, checking out the pig pallet.

Playing queen of the haystack.

And doing some wallowing of their own.

Fenced the damn thing

My hands and feet are raw and sore.  I buried a water line across the paddock to the garden- no more bucketing and hand watering for me.  Although I did enjoy that, it doesn’t work when I go away.  It’s nice to do things that are going to stay there now, keep working, and save all kinds of time in the future.

And I fenced the damn thing.  About an hour after I put the tomato plants in two days ago, I busted a deer strolling down in there, and even as I ran at him he stood there looking at me as he chewed, What?  They’re so tame.  I didn’t think deer ate tomato plants because they didn’t taste good or something, but they certainly do.  He topped two of them but I think they will be fine.  Just pruned, rudely after transplanting.

I draped everything green with floating row cover (so glad I had!) for the interim, and pushed hard on getting the fence done to keep the deerpredation down!

Ugh, it's an eyesore. Sigh. Having the posts be able to slide off easily to take the fence down or open up a piece for wheelbarrow access anywhere was an essential part of the design, but the poly pipe isn't strong enough to stand up straight (it's sleeved onto re-bar pounded in the ground). Ideal would be old conduit.

It’s pretty much the ugliest fence ever, and I hate creating unattractive things, but it should do the trick, and it can be improved.  Also, it cost about $30.  We did have an enormous amount of wire fencing leftover around here, so it was just putting some supports in.  Not thrilled with the results, but again, should perform a function for now.  I’ll be happy when it looks neat and cute.  I was also inventing it as I went, so things aren’t usually ideal on first tries.  What I know for sure is how much I hate wrestling with wire fence.  Awful stuff!  My hands ache so bad from battling with it.

As I was fencing around the high edge of the old pond, I was considering all the wasted space and realized I could terrace the edges and fill with dirt, eliminating the need to reclaim the really hard, rocky, dead and un-useful sides of the pond.  There’s also two big flat shelves that I mulched heavily last year because I had extra hay, and now they’re looking like they have potential.  That could be the next expansion- building retaining walls and then building dirt.  Much more efficiency.  Ooh, and I have all the wood I need already- wish I could start immediately!