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Apples and corn

I had the first cob of my corn tonight – ever!  I haven’t been able to grow it before, but next to the greenhouse, it worked.  Bit of corn ear worm,  yuck, but good.

Sometimes the bees spend the night stuck on the sunflower heads. They hang down, sheltering like an umbrella.Apples the house chicken is broody!  I keep almost saying “pregnant”.  Not pregnant.  Sitting on eggs like a perfectly normal hen (how far she’s come)!  Just one of her own.  There was one egg before I thought was hers, and I put it under one of the hens currently sitting.  So there may be an Apples offspring, and an Apples-raised Apples offspring.  But I can’t count my chickens before they hatch.  I really want her chicks, because she’s so sweet and mild.

Tomorrow morning I will give her her own broody box.