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The evening perch

It’s time for a good evening perch.Like mama, like chick.  They are getting quite good at the starter branch, and can walk up and down along it, and keep their balance when their chick siblings shake it by jumping on and off.This little chick, all independent, doesn’t need a warming – my money is that he’s a rooster.  She’s looking for aerial threats.    Oh!  Perching again. One of the “old” chicks.  Her cheeks are showing.  This is the little Silkie cuckoo that got raised with the big birds, and now she’s not having being put in with the Silkies.  Her sister wants to know if she’s in this picture too. There they are.Oh, hello! Little orange feet:)

6 ways to rock National Dairy Goat Awareness Day (today)

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.33.45 PM1. Enjoy a reprise of the Lonely Goatherd

hero62. Build your goat a tower (Or at least read about goat towers around the world)

moroccostylegoat3. Have you seen goats in trees?  If not, you are really missing out.

from mountainviewfarms.webs.com
from mountainviewfarms.webs.com

4.  Learn all about fainting goats. It’s a thing.

screaming goat5.  There are also screaming goats.

Nothing cuter than a baby goat!

6. Read about goat farming (meat goats, in case they’re feeling left out today) and the joys of goat feeding, and goat transport.