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Just standin’ around

The old girls have decisively claimed the roof of Chris & Cream Puff’s coop.  They pile up there all day.   An alliance is forming.Sidewinder, the molter in a jacket (again!  She molted last year), and Apples’ chick.  She was raised with the six other Silkies, but she doesn’t hang out with them anymore.  They’re babies.  The full Silkies are a third of her size.  This one could be a full leghorn.  Cute.  There seems to be a bond.

They might be standin’ around, but the chickens still suggest you vote, vote, vote today!

Meet Nosey

Nosey is a different little chicken.She runs up to me instead of getting out of my way, routinely stands on my boots and pulls my laces, and is generally underfoot.  If I’m bent over the edge of the Silkie yard, or a coop, she’s standing at my elbow.  I was cleaning Bravo coop and she was perched right next to my head, not giving me room to swing hay in and out, so I was like, ok, fine, you want to be in the middle of everything?, and I put her on my shoulder.  She was quite happy with that and it made it easier for me to work, until she pecked me in the corner of the eye!

Then things went out of focus.  It was a solid peck (she did not pull her pecks), but no permanent damage to my eye.  Except later I walked the same eye into the spout of a watering can, so maybe my peripheral vision was temporarily compromised.

This also Nosey.I want that tomato.  I wants it! Ok, it’s sort of like a swing. I just have to leean out…Last moment before an undignified flapping plummet to the floor.  I love that the other chickens find this Tarzan act in no way noteworthy.

Brown Bonnet’s babies

A rare sighting of Brown Bonnet’s surviving chicks.  She’s big, and really good at standing in front of them and hiding them.  They’re so tiny!  They’re smaller than her head.  It’s hard to believe a chicken can start out so tiny and get by.  But then, there’s hummingbirds.Apples’ little one is four days older than the other two, and it shows.The greenhouse is full of small chickens, jumping around and climbing on everything they can. Foxy is out of a job.  Hers are all grown up – just enough to not need Mom.The universal Hey, you’ve got something on your beak pose. I do?  Get it off.

Guinea spa

I heard the musical little sounds of the guineas approaching the house (doesn’t happen especially often), so I peeped out.

They were going for the bath!  There’s a spot right by the trail where I was weeding out buckthorn, and the birds have decided that that’s the optimum dust bathing locale.  Now there’s all divots and feathers. The guineas came in for the bath as purposefully as if they had little towels over their shoulders.  It was their specific destination.

I went out to get pictures (all the keets tossing up a storm of dirt), and I felt like the paparazzi sneaking through the bushes, wishing I had a longer lens.

I see you there

Galahad is hard to fool.He let me get closer though.

Don’t think I’m not keeping an eye on you there, creepin in the bushes.

The keets have passed their peak cute.  They are entering the small turkey phase.  Scraggly necks, heads balding, and the fleshy bits that grow on their faces are starting to develop.Their behavior and mannerisms are still super cute.   And still bright orange feet, although dark patches are coming in.Galahad is rightfully proud.  He has kept them all alive and well, and they are model guineas.   He’s a truly outstanding avian parent.They are very musical, the sounds they make.  Also very NOT musical, when they’re in a certain frame of mind, and their kind is famous for that.  It only took three generations of coddled guineas living here in order to get a non-neurotic batch of comfortable, quiet ones.Vigorous dirt bathing. Oh, now here come the chickens horning in.   It’s like, just when you’ve got the hot tub to yourself, ten college kids show up at the pool.Oh, bathing?  What a great idea.  Don’t mind if I do.  I’ll just, excuse me,  I’ll just… get in right here, if you don’t mind,  just pushing over a bit? Back to looking like rocks.  There’s Cheeks sporting her jacket.  She’s breaking it in.  It’s working though, the simple design is keeping the right places covered. And… there they go. We’re done here. ‘scuse me.If we could just get by ya here.And, there they go.  Back to the greenhouse area.   That happened so fast that little brown rooster hasn’t moved. What was that just happened!?The chickens don’t always congregate by the deck, they don’t even show up to the house daily, but when they do, I love it.  They come in a drove, and sprawl out, more like they’re visiting and comfortable here than that they’re rabid for handouts.  It’s nice and safe by the house for them, so I’m glad they do. They love those sawhorses.  Those’ll go in the greenhouse this winter for them


The five aren’t afraid of bees

The famous five in fact, love to rummage around around the hives, and jump up on them.That is the back of the hive, but they rummage equally well in the front.   They go underneath.  I’ve seen one jump up on the bee door closure stick.Meeting behind Pansy building!  (My hives are plumb; the camera is tipped)

I’ve thought one would get stung, and that would be over, but no.  It’s always just little tribe.  They have the place to themselves.

Oiseaux Tableaux

The Famous  Five.  These didn’t grow up together (different Silkie moms), but they have found each other.  They clearly share genes.  These are the smallest of the free chicks (they grow up so fast!), and they’re very adventurous.There once was  a time when chickens perching  in low branches was a novelty.  Now it’s de rigeur.  The tweens.  At least one of these culprits is starting to practice his crowing.  Little Pepper is still in this mix despite getting quickly outgrown (Silkie/Barred cross) by the big Chanticleers.Inky, Velvet, and Speckles, utilizing my recent brush pile.  And Cleopatra begat Inky and Velvet; Speckles is a Silkie cross – possibly with Puffcheeks? On the ground level of Silkieland, Daisy the digger and her chicks just moved up to the  big house.  The chicks can leak out in various ways.  The run is not a secure facility, just intended to give the hens some peace from the roosters, who spend the day on the outside of the fence, and are allowed back in at night.  The hens preen and take dust baths and lie around in the sun, or the shade, and the roos bob around looking and not touching, and it drives them wild!The chicks are better at getting out than back in.  Daisy is watching over them, but the roosters are into chicks too.  The Colonel especially likes when there’s new chicks to show off his old tricks.  Even when chickens are good, they don’t come close to guineas in the co-parenting department though.  You’ll see a rooster sharing food and skills, but not sheltering chicks.   This guy’s a rock star:Galahad hosting perching practice on the rim of Silkieland. Uhoh.  Somebody jumped into a vacant chickery and isn’t clever enough to get out!

Baby beefin’

Staredown!The little roosters are beefin’ again.Until one of their sisters runs up, then they’re suddenly and unconvincingly casual. Pepper’s found a new perch. She’s not going to miss any water fountain gossip. Cream Puff jumped up in the walnut tree for some alone time.  Way up in the tree.  Fluffing herself up, walking back and forth on the branch.  Higher than chickens normally go.

Chris got nervous.  She came down in her own time, just when he started to look like he’d go up after her.

And what the heck is this??!  It’s huge, nearly two inches.