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I hate wordpress so much

I just wrote a whole long post about the first chick of 2019, “forgot” to ctrl-C the whole thing and just hit publish, and it’s all lost.  403 error. This happens, oh, about every 5-8 times I try to post, and has been going on for months.  Usually, I remember to ctrl-A and ctrl-C just in case, but when I forget to, it’s sure to fail. There’s fine print at the bottom of the writing window that will tell you “failed to save”, if you think to check it.

It’s like the 1990’s when email would do this to you when you hit send.  Oops, gone!  No draft, no back button.

Usually I just bite the rage, sometimes angrily going through the help maze to “chat” with “help” (No. help.), and quickly retype the whole post while it’s still bright in my mind.

I’ve blogged on WP for ten years?  It never did this sh*t until I started paying for the extra features (when something is semi-functioning for free, hey, you live with it).  Lucky me I paid for the privilege of a non-functioning photo editor,  the random total disappearance of the contents of my right sidebar one day, crap customer service, and a rage-inducing experience on the reg. I’m building a robust antipathy to logging in to blog.  WP is on the downhill slope of the curve now.  Jump ship!  The cracks are appearing.

Tonight, I’m too tired to retype the chick story, so it has to wait until I simmer down, and I’m too frustrated to even make my rant funny:(


I’m back!

I was sneaky; I was posting chicken pictures while I was away. But I’m back home and everyone is fine, including the 10 little unseasonal chicks. They’re bigger than they were.

Ursa has four.

Also, I’ve started producing new content at my new location: https://steempeak.com/@selka. You might recognize some of the initial stories:)

So far the platform is so easy to use that it’s like finally getting a drink when you’re thirsty. I’m so ready to say goodbye to WordPress. When I make the switch, the web link happyharvest.ca will just point over there, instead of here, so that little will be affected. I’ll have to confirm that email subscribers aren’t affected either.

For a bit I’ll post on both, until it’s time to switch. I’ll be keeping you posted (harhar).

I will keep this site alive always, so that all of the stuff stays here, but I’m going to stop paying for it, so ads will come back on, etc.

Chicken in a sink!