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My next 100 books?

I think this might be my next 100 books.

I was attracted to this pretty book at the library, and I think I might make it my next book list, since I’m  Atlantic Canadian and all.

Atlantic Canada’s 100 Greatest Books itself is lovely, in full colour,  and well curated, with a short well-written analysis of each book, including it’s cultural impact, time and place in history, a description, and an author bio.

I’m impressed, because while it’s easy to write scathing reviews, it’s not easy to write good reviews that don’t sound the same, and this book is essentially that- 100 rave reviews of superlative books.  It takes some creativity to avoid “This is a really great book!…This is another really great book!”  Or at least, it does for me.

I love the variety of genres represented, too.

I think it might supersede my previous ambition to read my way to approximate the English Lit degree I never got:

This might be easier going. “Edification” can wait a year.

For one thing,  I’d be happy to have the excuse of “a project” to read Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes and Hugh MacLennan’s Barometer Rising.

One of the titles is  the first novel I ever read.  Several I read as a child or had inflicted on me as a teenager in school.  I’ve already read ten of the list.  That is, if you count having the Dictionary of Newfoundland English at home for my entire life.  That brick of a book is not exactly “readable” in the traditional sense.

I glad to have ten down, because I’d never again want to read Fall on Your Knees or Two Solitudes, sheesh!

Besides that, most of the books look interesting, or are already on my hefty running list, as Canada Reads and the XCountry Checkup book show, and well, as CBC in general keeps telling me what Canadiana I must read now, over the years.

It’s ok that Come Thou, Tortoise isn’t in the book, because it’s too new.  It can be in the 101 greatest books sequel:)

I think I’ll get my Atlantic Education.



Look who I found crossing the path today

Just trucking along.
Nothing but snow.
Nothing but snow.

I don’t know where s/he’s off to, but it’s still a world of snow out here.

I’m sad for all the animals; this weirdly long winter must be so hard on them.  The robins are in a high-profile crisis, and I’ve noticed the dwindling numbers and variety at my feeder, leaving the dauntless corps of constant chickadees and woodpeckers.  Even if the birds survive, will they be strong enough, and early enough, to lay eggs?  Will the young birds have time to grow up before the next winter sets in?

I will be watching for our robin who set two nests last year.  Maybe she was planning ahead for her species.

It’s never the greedy and careless or makers of bad laws that suffer first, it’s the innocent and delicate at the other end of the spectrum.