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Mouse in the house

I’ve had the sunflower heads in the house drying, and seeds spread out.

Enter the mouse.

One large advantage of the tiny house, free from the usual punctures in the envelope for plumbing and wiring, is that it’s almost mouseproof.  Mice can’t get in from underneath.

However, because the soffit isn’t done, mice can get into the walls by climbing the house and going in through the roof, and occasionally, a very enterprising or highly intelligent mouse does.  Not often.  Every month or two, long enough for us to forget where we put the mouse traps, a mouse with heightened problem solving skills appears who finds its way in.

Then there’s the sound. 

Crinkle….crinkle….scritch scritch! that makes our eyes pop open in the night – MOUSE!  Then HW rises to find and set traps, and that’s the end of the mouse of superior intellect.

But this mouse is surviving much longer.  Why would I want peanut butter, out of a jar, when I can eat plump organic sunflower seeds?  It’s a smart mouse, after all.  I’ve spread traps around and among my spread out seeds, hoping he’ll run across one by accident.  He isn’t.

This mouse is not necessarily eating the seeds either – how much can a mouse hold?  Instead, he’s relocating them.  I find little piles of seeds, so far: under my socks dropped on the floor, in the dishtowels, in the laundry basket, and in the kleenex box.  He’s keeping those seeds cozy.

I just cleaned up all the seeds, though, so the end is nigh for Mensa mouse.  As soon as he gives peanut butter a try.

mouse season

Today the dog hauled his blanket out of his house and tore a lot of it apart, as well.  It was unusual behaviour for him, but I didn’t hesitate to scold him.

Then, I discovered that there had been a mouse nest.  In his blanket.  There were mouse babies, quite recently born, now dead.  Hence the uncharacteristic destruction.  Gah!  Vermin!  Get it out!  In my house?!  How dare they?

Not the brightest mouse in the maze, that one.  No mouse parenting awards.  Let’s have babies in the dog’s house.  We’ll live in the blanket, right underneath the dog! It’s warm there.  Not a mensa mouse.