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Two moms

We have our first Silkie chick.  Cute little thing, brown spider markings, so it will turn out brown.

The neat thing is that two hens are parenting it.  I’ve never had this happen before.

The hens set next to each other in one of the apartments of the coop, always eager to swipe eggs from the other, but also always jammed in side by side (by choice).  Then when a chick was hatched (I believe the silver hen hatched it, but how would I know?), I left them in place together for a few days, as I do.  Every time I checked it would be under the other hen.

Then came time for the upgrade to a chickery, complete with cardboard box, so I put the silver hen in the chickery with the chick.  Tada!  They both got distressed at the separation, though, so I had to add the other hen, with her eggs.

Thus passed a boring week where both hens seemed to be passing most of their time in the box acting broody.  Chick seemed fine though, and they were both coming out to eat regularly, so I left them to it.  I was definitely hoping for another egg to hatch, but alas, no.  I tried to give them two boxes, but they went into one together.

Now it’s grass time.  The brown hen has given up on those rotten eggs finally, and they are both all about parenting.  Clucking, warming.  The chick goes and tucks under whoever’s handy.  I’ve had hens act very sisterly raising chicks together, even temporarily warming another chick, but this is really interesting.

This teeny little bird is over a week old! Still smaller than a standard hatchling.

The brown hen and the chick are in the box now:)

A lovely sunny day with green grass.

Cheeps at the door

I hear them coming around, the cheeps.  They never stop chatting at this age.

I’m glad that the moms are starting to gravitate to the house and beehives –  the safe zones instead of the adventure safaris.  This is where you’ll spend your time when you grow up, kids.  Mooching.

The two of them are too adorable to me.  Inseparable, yin and yang chickens, not very alike other than that they (were) both loners.    The chicks float in one crowd with loose ties to their own mama except for bedtime and warming time.  Ghost, since she has two, has started perching at night with a chick perching on either side, poking out from a wing.  They seem smug about it.  Velvet ,with three, has to stay on the floor to hug them at night.

The chicks are at that miniature stage where they have all their feathers and all the chicken moves, but they are still just tiny little handfuls.  They have frowns all the time.  Dinosaur growth spurt dead ahead.  All the chicks seem to be baby Cheeks, although that was not planned this time.   There’s a Ghost sighting out the front window!

Velvet must be very nearby.  There she is!