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One Year

After blogging since the early oughts, 2018 was the first year I posted every single day. It wasn’t always first thing in the morning, and sometimes a scheduled post failed to post on schedule, but I posted every day. After a while, it was too good a streak to break.

What else did I do this year? Caught my first swarm, made a more effective strike against the invasive Glossy-leaf Buckthorn species we’re plagued with than I have before, had a slightly better garden and a bigger one. As usual, I read 100 books. To finance my chicken habit, I made some strides at my day job, narrating more audiobooks and more exciting and challenging ones.

I’m still obsessed with productivity, still use and love Habitica, and this year integrated some GTD principles for more efficiency. The almost lifelong habit I have of packing more in than I or anyone should is catching up with me, and that’s the next thing I need to change. I aspire to do less now, which is a major shift from half a lifetime spent wanting to do more. Sigh.

Happy New Year! I wish everyone more health, strength, and success creating a life and world that is good.

2011 – What a year!

Now for an overdue quick recap of 2011.

I got married.

That sort of eclipses everything else, like visiting Cuba, becoming a chicken herder, doing a permaculture design course, hitching across Canada, getting in a riot, doing Bellyfit instructor training, cycling 1000km, and seeing my Nova Scotia property for the first time.

2010 was epic, but 2011 topped it handily.  My second year garden was far more successful than the first, and the barn is a proper dwelling now, with windows and lights and doors and walls and everything.

As far as this blog, my husband’s guest posting on cycling is a big hit, and the big winner of best search term resulting in a hit is “I caught a packrat now what?”  I love that feature!

What does 2012 hold?  So far, a train ride across Canada, pick-up hockey, and the creation of a new little elephant.  Later in 2012?  Hopefully Iceland again, Nova Scotia again, some work, more cycling, and lots more gardening.