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Selfie with falcon

Apples was out with me for enrichment time, while I was building stuff by the house.  I take her with me outside when I’m working in one area, so she can act like a real chicken for awhile.  She doesn’t much act like a real chicken though.Oh!  A wild chicken encounter! Ohohohhh.  Nervous:)

Then I thought I should try and get a pic of our transportation arrangement.  I pick her up and she squirms until she’s happy with her grip, and then she rides. Will this work?  Selfies: not so easy with an SLR.  Worked, though! She’s turned around on my arm.  Did you see that?  I did a 180.  I’m practically ready for the circus.When she goes back in to her box, every time, she eats ravenously and quickly and then takes a big nap.  Wow, the stimulation!  I need to sleep it off.  This time she hardly made it all the way back into her box, and zzzz.  The little princess.

Apples in the greenhouse

I took Apples on a field day.  I needed to spend some time broadforking the greenhouse, and thought she could do with some enrichment.  Even the world’s meekest chicken needs a little time out of the box.

I carried her out and set her down in the middle of the greenhouse, and turned around to shut the big doors because it was windy.  I look back – no chicken!  I go to the other end to shut those doors, all the while looking for her. I can’t see her anywhere.  I get back inside and start looking behind the things still piled around.  Nothing.  I start panicking a bit – I turned around for two seconds!

Then I found her.   It seems she’s a little bit agoraphobic.

I sat with her on my lap for a bit, savouring being able to really hug a chicken (they mostly do not prefer it), then cuddled her next to me on the hay bale, then got up and went to work, and she started to poke around.

She didn’t go far.  She found a little corner behind the hay bale to scritch around, looking out at me, or through the plastic at the action outside.

She rapidly garnered herself a suitor.Hey baby.  I ain’t never seen feathered feet like that!

He bobbed and strutted back and forth, thoroughly frustrated.  She settled down to wait for her ride back to her box, where she ate like she’d just done a workout.  I hope she’s a little more exploratory tomorrow.

Shoulder chicken 2.0

HW called from downstairs.  “Hey.  Come look.”  I knew from the tone of his voice exactly what I would find.

“Are you poaching my chicken?” I asked.

I went down, and sure enough, HW had put Apples on his shoulder.No sooner did I arrive, then Apples pecked, right at his eye!

HW took over narration:

I’m not with him!  I don’t even like him.  I’ve been abducted.  If I want to get on a shoulder, I’ll do it myself!” and

“Did you see that?  She tried to peck my eye out!  You’d better put that in your blog!  There’s mandatory PPE required when you’re playing with chickens!” (We both agree that she hadn’t been going for his eye, or she probably would have hit it, and he wasn’t hurt.  She probably saw something on his eyelashes.)

Shoulder chicken

I was sitting on the rocking chair with my laptop on my lap, doing ‘net stuff in the morning.  HW had just left for work.  My chair was right beside Apples’ box (the house chicken).

Suddenly, she leapt up onto my knee with a big flap.  Very startling, and extremely uncharacteristic.  Wow!  Ok, you’re in the mood for a little cuddle?  I made room for her on my lap.

Shocked and delighted, of course I was nowhere near my camera, or phone.  But I did have my laptop on my lap.  I opened Siri and asked her to take a picture of me, and she obliged.  Siri has never come in handy before (“Siri, open Art folder” – “Alright, opening Google Earth”), but this time – clutch.Lap chicken!

I barely got a pic of that before she started climbing me, like a kitten (What the!?), scrabbling up, up, until she summited my shoulder.

Siri, are you getting this?Whereupon, she settled right down like A: she planned to stay awhile, and B: this was totally normal, like we do this every day. WHAT?  THE?

Sure, she’s lived in the house for a while, HW sings and talks to her (pretty often), we occasionally try to pet her (and get growled at for it), and she really came out of her shell when Lily visited.  But day after day, she spends all her time in her box or on her sheet of paper.  We have NOT made any active attempts to change her behaviour or “train” her.  Certainly not to play parrot.

She has never before shown any inclination to reach out to us.Now, she was all cuddles.

Since it seemed like she was staying, I put her on my other shoulder, got a towel in position, and put her back.This made me more comfortable.  I didn’t trust she’d also suddenly got house trained.What are you thinking?  It’s really something to look her in the eye, at about 3 inches, and she’s looking back with that little black eye.

Long neck. Longer neck.

She got real relaxed, dozing, doing a little grooming, leaning on my ear (oh, I’m on your shoulder? So what? Can’t stop grooming) .Then, she got really, really cuddly.  And she’s so soft and warm.  HW had a theory, when I called him later (“You’re not going to believe this…).  Just before he left in the morning, he’d asked me when I was going to put Apples back out in the world.  He figures she heard that, and wanted to put a stop to that line of thinking.You’re not going to let him come between us, are you?

She stayed for a very long time.  Like almost two hours.  Ultimately I got too hungry to sit any longer, and got up and started walking around, with her still there.  She didn’t seem to enjoy surfing,  though, so I set her back down, and she ate, drank, and settled in for a big nap.  She had a really big day.

Did you ever?   A CHICKEN!

Reports of my expiration have been greatly exaggerated

The “expiring” chicken continues to not expire.  She persists in staying in the coop all day, looking unwell, and living on.  She drinks, but doesn’t eat much, and is maybe even improved.Now I think she might pull through.

Inside, we have stopped talking about Apples moving back out.  We just have a house pet box troll chicken now.  It’s not like she’s a problematic house guest.  It’s like having a hamster, changing her newspaper every day.  She periscopes her neck up Hello! when there are unusual noises or we talk about her, but ignores all the normal house noises.