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That’s so 1985

Yes, that's a picture from Jökulsarlon on 2002
Does anyone else save old calendars?  I can’t say I stockpile them, but the most beautiful ones can be hard to throw out.  With that glossy printing and thick paper they cry out for something more than recycling.

Well, dig out the relics from 1991, 2002, or 1985, because those are entirely reusable in 2013.  Obviously, the 80’s are back, after all.

In fact, one could get by an entire life with only 14 calendars, and that includes the leap years.

That could sure put a dent in paper waste, and it sure makes me feel better about those exceptional art calendars that it’s so sad to think of having an ephemeral span of usefulness.  I always have a few “keepers” in my very heavy but precious “image box”- a box of paper I save for arresting, beautiful or novel images that wait for their chance to be reused as gift wrap, collages, or media for various crafts.

I didn’t find any from 1991, but here are a few reusable calendars I found lying around.  Check out Seattle, 1985.  This year also matches the year I was born, so my birthday this year will land on the same day of the week as my birth day did.