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Brown Bonnet’s babies

A rare sighting of Brown Bonnet’s surviving chicks.  She’s big, and really good at standing in front of them and hiding them.  They’re so tiny!  They’re smaller than her head.  It’s hard to believe a chicken can start out so tiny and get by.  But then, there’s hummingbirds.Apples’ little one is four days older than the other two, and it shows.The greenhouse is full of small chickens, jumping around and climbing on everything they can. Foxy is out of a job.  Hers are all grown up – just enough to not need Mom.The universal Hey, you’ve got something on your beak pose. I do?  Get it off.

All well

Let’s shake the hen and see who falls out?Phew!  There’s two!  The crushed egg chick made it, and is totally fine.  It doesn’t always turn out that way.

There’s three.  The youngest is a brown one.  So tiny.  It’s inside the box, cheeping.  Hey, it just got cold! Mom responsibly goes back in her box to sit on it. And the other two chicks find their way in.

Later we got rid of the box.  That’s too cramped for her to be going in and out of.