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More warm days

Almost bedtime. Philippe PetitPuffcheeks demonstrating the hot weather “airplane stance” to perfection.  Ailerons out for cooling breezes.It’s possible I have an olive-sided flycatcher visiting (need positive ID).  It’s a species at risk in NS, and it seemed to be shopping for snacks off the side of our house, possibly wasps.  It was making repeat visits and swooping at the corner of the house.

Remember that “wild” rabbit?  It did not quite allow me to get a picture, but it was taking a dirt bath, writhing around like a chicken, in the sand pile outside our door last evening.  Very undignified.

And another turtle…

So soon after my first Blanding’s turtle sighting, here comes another!


Let. GO. of me!
Let GO!



According to the plastron markings, this is actually the exact same turtle as the first (last) time.

1.4 km away from where we were last manhandling her, ten days ago.  She’s pretty over the shell modeling thing.

Ok, are we done here? Can I go?
I’m so outta here.

My first Blanding’s Turtle

I finally saw my first Blanding’s Turtle!  Blanding’s are an endangered species in Nova Scotia,  with only three small areas with known populations.  We just happen to live almost on top of one of those three areas.

Yet, I hadn’t seen one yet.  I’m always helping turtles cross the road, but they aren’t the special turtles.

This turtle, we saw passing through our neighbour’s yard, of all places.  We were just stopping by, and I noticed “Hey, a turtle”, as we parked.  It was marching past the garden.  I went and picked it up, and then we had to take pictures, to report the sighting.

2016-05-26 12.54.42 2016-05-26 12.54.55








This turtle may appear to be smiling, but he/she was not happy about being picked up or diverted from his mission.   She may also appear to be limp, but he was very actively trying to push my fingers off.  She knew exactly what the problem was – my fingers on the side of his shell.  Let me go! They are strong.

2016-05-26 12.55.00

Also fast.  I don’t buy the tortoise and the hare thing.  Our rabbits loll around.  Turtles can move.  There’s a big snapping turtle that lives in the culvert at the end of our road that I’m dying to get a picture of (so tall, so armored dinosaur looking), but he/she’s way too fast, gone by the time I whip out my camera.

She did not stick around for canapés after the photo shoot.




Woodpile snake

This guy’s lounging in the sun in the early morning right at eye level.

We have so many snakes!  So many different colours and sizes; acid lime green, many shades of brown. I see several snakes every day.

I think I may have seen a ribbon snake the other day in the garden.  It was tiny, and flashed away when I disturbed the hay bale it was on.  It was hard to tell, so fast, but it was a striped snake that’s not familiar to me.