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First strawberries of the year!

20160609_170155 20160609_172516And the chives are making a bid for world domination.

Life carries on, driven to grow.

In the background these days, we are coping with the discovery that our beautiful dog, missing since April, died a long horrible death.  He was a five minute walk away on our neighbour’s property, and I am in disbelief and pain that I did not find him while he was still alive.  He was a  good and sweet dog and deserved much better.  I cry every day.

Fun task-planting strawberry runners

I love doing something at exactly the right time, since I so often don’t and am surrounded by a trail of mistakes.

I started planting the strawberry runners on time, right at the end of strawberry production.

Many of them I pegged down in the existing patch, for replacement and more density, after separating the mulch cover for them to be able to touch the dirt.

But I hope to be able to cut these off their umbilical cords once they get established, and move them to start another row of strawberries, so I am encouraging them to take root in my pots.

Supplies: dirt, scissors, and a pile of forked twigs
Supplies: dirt, scissors, and a pile of forked twigs
Snipped to make one strawberry "staple"
Snipped to make one strawberry “staple”
2015-07-16 10.22.41
Pegging down a running sprout
2015-07-16 10.21.50
Now it just needs watering