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Strawberry snack

Going back to strawberry season….

I’ve got a chipmunk helping him/herself in the strawberry beds.

Every so often I hear a surprised “Eeep!” when I’m working in the garden, but I rarely see the culprit.

However, I see the meal interrupted on his table, which is the cutest part.

She is carrying the strawberries from the bed up onto this old chair, and enjoying a strawberry supper with a view.


He’s picking the strawberries at the stem.  I knew I’d seen a few berries that appeared picked, which I thought odd, but I guess I interrupted the picker before she’d carried them away.

This is so cute, he’s allowed to keep it up.

Fun task-planting strawberry runners

I love doing something at exactly the right time, since I so often don’t and am surrounded by a trail of mistakes.

I started planting the strawberry runners on time, right at the end of strawberry production.

Many of them I pegged down in the existing patch, for replacement and more density, after separating the mulch cover for them to be able to touch the dirt.

But I hope to be able to cut these off their umbilical cords once they get established, and move them to start another row of strawberries, so I am encouraging them to take root in my pots.

Supplies: dirt, scissors, and a pile of forked twigs
Supplies: dirt, scissors, and a pile of forked twigs
Snipped to make one strawberry "staple"
Snipped to make one strawberry “staple”
2015-07-16 10.22.41
Pegging down a running sprout
2015-07-16 10.21.50
Now it just needs watering