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The garden is now closed for the winter.


The fence is down, everything has been dug up or cut down, the sprinkler’s out, and everything is heavily mulched with the dead vines and stalks and hay.

There was some excellent kale, flourishing in the cold weather that we expected to be able to enjoy for some time longer, but once the fence was down the horse came in and enjoyed it first.  No more kale.

Action shot.

We put in a couple more sections of terrace (more than this picture shows), to accommodate most of the fall leaves and manure, and piled the terraces to overflowing with biomass, expecting great settling over the winter.


First two sections of terrace wall in place

I finally had a bright idea to maximize more space in the garden.  The sloping edge of the former pond has remained hard packed clay pierced only by the fiercest weeds, from the rim to the cultivated floor.  I decided if I put in a short wall, then I can create another tier of usable garden beds by filling it in with readily available biomass (old hay, horse crap, etc). It may easily double the growable area of my pond garden.

I can even hide small branches in there, now that I know about hugelculture.

All I have to do is dump matter in the new terrace and the soil will build itself, probably ready for next year.  Well, not “all” I have to do…first I have to remove barrowfuls of rocks, most of which got thrown to the edges in the original garden-building.  It is laborious, but certainly not as hard as trying to break, aerate, and ameliorate that dry, dead, dense “bedrock” of clay.