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A nightmare of mosquitoes

That’s the right collective noun, isn’t it?  Or is it an insanity of mosquitoes?  It’s too many mosquitoes, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if it’s the heat wave, but they all came out at once.  One night, I heard a roar, and it was a cloud of them.  Then my friend commented on the “choir” of mosquitoes at my place, which sounds more romantic.  Like “I heard the Mermaids singing”, only ominous.

This is part of the army waiting on the screen door.If only we had bats.  I know there’s one comeback bat, but he’s got his work cut out for him.

At night, we have a mosquito net around the bed, but they were breaching the door of it one by one despite having the door elaborately rolled/pinned/folded “shut”.  Faced with the choice of cooking all night and getting bitten or being cool and getting bitten, I opened the outside door, relying on that screen pictured, and then tried to clear the room of mosquitoes.  An hour of clap!, clap!, whack!

In the morning, carnage!  Piles of little carcasses on the edge of the net and on the bed, blood spots all over- now the net needs a wash – because so many were already feasting on us, and my palms bloody like a crime suspect.  And of course, the room was repopulated with the #$%&s because they were creeping through the screen door too, so HW took the early morning slaughter shift.  SO MANY!  Why?  I’ve never seen such a horde show up.  I’ve blocked them out of my water barrels, but we are right by a wetlands, so I guess that’s life in these parts.  It seems the tick numbers are down slightly though, so that’s good.