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Nuts and more nuts

We’re real birds!  The Blondies in a rare moment of repose:It’s funny; all the birds that grew up here, and then some,  are into perching.  They love the tangled alder brush. There’s the baby guineas.  Nice to get a sighting.  All mixed up in the flock of young adults.Time to groom like everyone else! Surprise!  The second, smaller walnut tree is bearing.  They come later, and they are a different kind of walnut.  This kind is nice.  The husks are round and super easy to shuck off the shell (on the right), and the nut is round, exactly like ye old familiar walnut.On the left, the pear shaped walnuts (from the big tree) have flat, pointy shells, and stubborn husks.I’m starting to get a respectable haul, for the first walnut harvest ever.  Nice.

Trees are doing well

2015-07-10 15.52.15Most of the trees we planted about a month ago are thriving.

2015-07-10 15.48.34Some less so.

This one looks exactly like it did when we planted it – pretty hopeless.

We got about a dozen hazelnuts, pecans, persimmons, and a mulberry from Grimo nurseries, and planted them with a modicum of planning, all around the property.

While they didn’t all like as dire as the specimen pictured still does, many of them definitely resembled a stick,  with a tatty little snarl of roots at one end.

Most of them are now quite nicely leafed out with new growth – very exciting.

2015-07-11 14.22.30The walnut trees are one of the coolest things from the last owner to survive the long neglect this property endured before we got here and started messing around.

The biggest is nearing some kind of knighthood, if not majesty, and its long draping compound leaves provide a cool refuge from the sun for the chickens.

There are a few other much younger walnuts, too, and I’ve started to suspect they were planted by squirrels.